Celebraties dating younger

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A decade of age difference didn’t stop Liam and Cheryl from going out in the public with their relationship.

The duo initially sparked the dating rumors in the later part of February 2016 and not long after that, Liam himself confirmed these rumors when he changed his profile picture on Instagram to one of himself and Cheryl.

The couple kept their relationship under wraps until her 18 birthday.

The “That 70s Show” star said that keeping their relationship secret made it more special.

Let's face it: Hugh Hefner is a freak, in the most enviable way possible. We may never see someone quite like Hugh Hefner again, but that doesn't mean cradle-robbing isn't a popular practice for men.

And seeking mates with that father-figure quality (evolution makes them want reliable providers, y'know) continues to occur in the female of the species.

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A year later, the two reunited, and on Saturday, the news broke that they again planned to wed, this time in a small ceremony to be held on New Year's Eve at the Playboy Mansion.In fact, you might be surprised how most of celebrity relationships don’t seem to mind age differences at all.While it has almost become common for Hollywood men to go for the younger partners, there are also a lot of A-list female celebrities who preferred junior companions.It’s creepy when older people date people half their ages. But it’s even creepier when they date people who are younger than their damn kids.

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