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This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life. Being president is not in his head, walang ere (no airs)… I hope that his sincerity and sense of transparency will be reflected and fully appreciated by all people in and out of government. Was it true P-Noy said the women of Bais are beautiful? ) Why was P-Noy’s former girlfriend Shalani Soledad also in Bais and in the province when he visited there on Sept. I think they even met by chance in the airport of Dumaguete and shook hands? He’s the cousin of my late father, they both have the same first names, but my dad’s nickname was Tata, and my uncle’s nickname is Chito. My late great-grandfather had four brothers who served as mayors, governors, congressmen and one senator; my great-grandpa was the political enforcer, while his brothers ran in elections and won.

— Steve Jobs TOKYO, Japan — During the recent official visit of President Noynoy C. If the TV news reports are true that P-Noy is interested in you, one of his siblings who would surely possibly help approve his future First Lady is Kris Aquino. Please ha, out of respect to the President, those are just media speculations. REMOLLO: Yes, P-Noy said that in Visaya or Cebuano — “Daghang diay mga guwapa dinhi sa Bais (There are many beautiful women pala here in Bais). VILLANUEVA: The opposition invited Shalani intentionally, para matabunan (so this will bury) the news of my new public market project, which the President came to inaugurate. My great-granduncle Herminigildo Villanueva was the first senator from the Visayas, he served in the Commonwealth era during the time of President Quezon.

Although the Lower Paleolithic occupation of the Iberia peninsula is now well documented in several contexts, particularly by the archeological findings of the Sierra …

Continue reading This is a nice, 9 cm long Quina-scraper with thinned back from Soyons (Ardèche, France; exact find spot unknown).

The operational sequence begins with flaking technique, aimed to produce a straight or sightly curved fragment of compact …

This artifact is characteristic for the Rhodanian / Quina oriental, dating to MIS4. Continue reading This are four Quina scrapers (two transversal,one bifacial and one convergent) from the Grand Pressigny area found around 1900, very similar to the Quina- Mousterian found by François Reignoux during the late 19th century / early 20th century (Collection Reignoux ).

The Middle –Upper Paleolithic transition took place around 40 k.a. Continue reading This are preforms of bone tools, made from Reindeer metacarpal compact bone, found at a famous Gravettian site in the Vézère Valley.

Continue reading This are centripedal cores, micro chopping-tools and scapers made from cortical flakes from the Pontinian in the Monte Circeo area at the central-western Italian coast The “Pontinian” Mousterian, is a regionally bounded “facies” of the Middle Paleolithic occurring only on the …

Continue reading These are several Mousterian artifacts from a larger surface collection from the Mont-les-Etrelles, department of Haute Saône near Besancon.

It can be described either as a “Pebble Tool” or a partial Biface and is made from a smaller cobble of …

This is a heavy burin on truncation coming from a collection assembled before 1930 by Mr.

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