Dating blueridge guitar

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These new models take advantage of "Thermal Top" technology, in which the spruce wood for the guitar tops are baked in a controlled high-heat, low-oxygen environment.

The result is the volume and tone of a well-seasoned vintage guitar in a brand new instrument.

Yes I realised that shortly after I had written my response.

Presumably one doesn't have to be an employee of Gibson to use that Avatar, but the group "Customer Services Team" clinches it. Anyway, It's pretty clear to me that "5" is Memphis and probably "0" is Nashville, but the wording of the response is slightly vague if this is the case.

I'm looking forward to putting my new one through the same type of playing , live gigs ,bluegrass jam sessions ,some recording and many hours of practice time.

Name: Charles Aschmann Date: 11-2-12 Review: Blueridge BR-140A guitar Rating you give the BR140A: 4 - Highly recommend it Likes: This guitar has a rich sound across the entire range. Additional Comments: Adirondack Top, bone nut and saddle 1 3/4in nut width for 5!! The closest import in quality Eastman is 0 more for adi/hog model.

All of the serial number de-coders I have read about state that CS production serial numbers will always be CS followed by 5 digits, where the first digit is the year. I take this to mean made in 2011, but I can't beleive the CS knocked out 50000 guitars in 2011 so what do the other 5 digits mean?

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It scored over higher priced Takamine, Alverz, Tahoma and stood its ground well when compared with the Martin D-16RGT.

Exquisite details, all solid woods and an premium ebony fingerboard make this pre-war inspired guitar an instant classic.

The BR-180 is a tone powerhouse with a beauty that is second to none.

Bushmills, Northern Ireland – Monday 12th June 2017: Iconic brands Bushmills® Irish Whiskey – the oldest licensed distillery in Ireland – and Lowden Guitars – one of the world’s finest acoustic guitar manufacturers – have created a new limi ..

That's how Guitar Interactive rated this Lowden F-50c Fan Fret.

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